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Learn more about the Truck Cartel & the Diesel Emissions Scandal



Diesel Cars successfully wound up


Trucks in the Process Handling

+100 Mrd. €

Total damages envisaged by the ECJ

2,9 Mrd. €

Fines imposed on Truck Manufacturers

LKW Start

Did you purchase your Truck between 1998 and 2018?


Then these Trucks are most likely affected by the Truck Cartel. You therefore have a potential claim for damages of 10-15% per Truck.

We check and realize these claims for you without costs and risks.

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The Truck Cartell

The Truck Cartel existed from 1997-2010 between several European Truck Manufacturers, who agreed on illegal price agreements, discount reductions and Euronorm shifts during this time. As a result of this illegal Cartel, customers of all Truck Manufacturers such as MAN, Daimler, Iveco, Volvo/Renault, DAF and Scania have claims for damages, which the EU Commission has explicitly requested the aggrieved customers to assert in its decision.


Based on several rulings by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH in Germany), injured companies can claim damages amounting to approximately 10-15% of the Truck price plus interest. For you as our customer, there is no risk of legal costs, as we cooperate with several legal cost financiers who bear the risk for you and assume all costs incurred. 



Which Vehicles
are affected?


You can claim compensation for any Truck if the following criterias are met:


  • Acquired between 1998 and 2018

  • Purchased as a new vehicle

  • Weight at least 6 tons 

  • Price at least 30,000 EUR net

  • All European manufacturers

  • All EU countries

  • Regardless of financing method: purchased, leased, installment plan or long-term lease (min. 24 months) 

  • Regardless of vehicle status: active, inactive, accident, sold or lease return

    If your Vehicles meet these requirements, we will help you to get your right without any costs and risks.

Our Services


Our Partners assume the complete risk for you and work 100% on a contingency fee basis.

No cost risk

Simple handling

You provide us with your fleet data. We take over your document handling completely.

Reliable Partners

We work hand in hand with renowned Experts in the fields of antitrust law and litigation cost financing.



DERMEYER has held a leading position in Europe for many years in the settlement of claims for damages in the Truck Cartel and passenger Car Diesel Emissions Scandal.

For this purpose DERMEYER offers legal cost financing to the injured parties. In the case of legal cost financing, the financier assumes all costs associated with a legal dispute and bears these costs alone in the event of a defeat. In case of victory, the financier receives a part of the amount won.

DERMEYER works in this area with leading experts in antitrust law and litigation financing.

Your partner in the Truck Cartel & Diesel Emissions Scandal

Are you an injured party in the Truck Cartel or Diesel Emissions Scandal?
Then do not hesitate and use our free inspection of your vehicles.

Diesel Prüfung

Did you purchase a Diesel Car, Van or RV between 2013 and 2022?


Then your Vehicles are most likely affected by the Diesel Emissions Scandal. In total, this Scandal affects around 80% of Vehicles from all Manufacturers. 


We check and realize these claims for you free of charge and risk.

Which Diesel Vehicles are affected?


You can assert your claims for damages in the Diesel Emissions Scandal for these vehicles:


  • First registration from 2013-2022

  • Passenger cars, motor homes and vans up to 3.5t 

  • Purchased or financed (KM leasing not possible)

  • The limitation periods of 10 years apply

  • according to § 852 BGB

  • 80% of all diesel vehicles of all manufacturers

  • Vehicles with "thermal window

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